A Bit About Me

Hello people! My name is Graham Dabbs and for my first blog post, I thought that I would give some background information on myself/ family and explain the purpose of this blog.

I am originally from Damascus, Maryland, but recently moved into what my family would consider our “dream home” in Olney, Maryland. Not only did I move into an awesome home in a very family oriented neighborhood, but I am also fortunate enough to have moved right across the street from my two best friends. It’s probably a good thing that we moved into this house 5 years after I graduated because otherwise, my parents would have lived lives filled with much more stress than they already had (I was a bit of a trouble-maker). I am the middle child of five and all but one of us are either out of college or currently attending college. My youngest brother, who is currently 12, lives at home with my parents.


I mention my family and our new home because it has changed my family’s lives for the better. It has created a much healthier environment to be living in for my family, especially my youngest brother and parents. Up until the past year or so, commuting to and from work/school had been an (excuse my French) pain in the ass. For example, I would get nauseous due to long car rides (45 minutes) to and from school. We would have to get up over an hour before school started, which can be rough on children at a young age, barely having enough time to eat breakfast or having to eat breakfast in the car. My youngest brother had suffered from migraines, which have now started to go away because he can wake up thirty minutes before school, eat breakfast, shower, and get dressed all because his school is now a five-minute drive from our home. My parents commute to work has shrunk from an hour-long drive to a thirty-minute drive, with traffic. Each of my siblings are either involved in a sport at some level, have played sports their whole lives, or are just generally very active in comparison to your average person. I mention this because now when we go home, we are within a few miles of the high school that we all attended, giving us the ability to go work out there if we feel the desire. Healthier food options are readily available to us in the local town shopping center. Our friends and cousins in the area are all within 15-20 minutes of each other. Happiness is not something that we are searching for anymore, we have found our beach as Corona would say. Everything that I have mentioned thus far have helped my family live a more stable lifestyle and keep a healthier standard of living.


In this blog, I will be documenting my life as a college student-athlete, my family’s adventures, and ways in which I believe people can develop a healthy standard of living. Through this blog, I plan on demonstrating some of the do’s and don’ts of living a healthy life. This includes surrounding yourself with people who also strive for a healthy standard of living, eating healthy, exercising, taking care of your body, and overall positivity.

I am a senior division-one lacrosse player at Furman University. Balancing lacrosse with school, my diet, job searching, making sure that I stay connected with my family and friends, exercising, and socializing are all very difficult to do. Fortunately, I have over fifty other guys on my team, trainers, coaches, and advisors to help me keep all of these aspects organized and help me to obtain my goals included in a healthy lifestyle. I am very fortunate enough to have all the support that I do, but some people can find these extremely difficult to obtain if they do not have very much support along the way. Because of this, I am looking to help those certain types of people out who are a bit lost. Some people know what has to be done in order to have happiness in their lives, which most of the time includes a lot of what I have mentioned, but simply do not have the drive or will to do so. I want to encourage people to obtain these goals. I want people to understand that it is never too late to reach that healthy standard of living. My older brother and role model once told me “if you are not willing to risk it all, you don’t want it bad enough”. I have made this my life motto and it has seemed to take me a long way considering all of the obstacles that I have run into.

Sometimes, in order to live that healthy lifestyle, you have to risk it all, sacrifice those desires that might not be so healthy after-all.



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