Digital Communications: What Is It?

1)What is digicom?

– The ability communicate through digital means. a means of digital communications that is capable of very high speeds; suitable for transmission of images or voice or video as well as data. Type of: electronic communication

-gives ability to conceptualize, produce, deliver and receive communications in peoples everyday lives.

2)How does the internet work (and what is it)?

-a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the internet protocol suit to link devices worldwide. It is a network that consist of private public and academic business as well as gov networks of local to global scope linked by a broad array of electronic wireless devices. Carries extensive array of info and resources and is not owned by any one person. (Wikipedia)

-who owns the internet video

-allows people to creat content, offer services, sell products without any direct permission from essential authority.

3)What are some major benefits/ pros of the internet and forms of digicom?

-Mass communication, free creative range, unlimited access to information for the most part,  us giving people the ability to educate themselves at a much faster pace than without the internet. globalization

4)What are some of the major (esp current) problems/cons of the internet and forms of digicom?

-Dark web (trafficking of various things). With the internet ANYTHING is possible. Dangerous for young children.

5)How does the internet and digicom effect

society– easily reach out to a specific target audience/influence. Easy to stay connected and in touch. Easy to stay up to date with world issues. Allows people to see the many different perspectives of people around the world on different topics and issues. The internet pushes us all to the immediate, the now. Every question is to be answered right away and every fact or idea is only as fresh as the time it takes to refresh a page. Ex: with texts, everyone becomes impatient when they don’t receive an immediate response because we are used to immediate answers.

politics– a lot of opinion pieces out there, especially with Facebook. Really easy for people to share their opinions.

democracy- brings rhetoric to a whole new level. Ability to sway peoples views based on your ability to argue and portray your views is much either to spread with social media than with word of mouth.

identity– helps people to identify with themselves through viewing peoples identities. Also takes away from the individual to some extent because the more globalization becomes a thing, the less we identify with our own independent culture. So many ways we can explore our identity and how we define ourselves. Makes us wonder more, makes us become more curious to what is out there, solely bc there is so much we don’t know.

Truth-the way in which we identify something as the truth is judged by if we consider them a credibly source. The Internet has a lot of info out there but not all of it is credible sources. Makes it hard to identify what the truth actually is. Esp hard with people who arent as educated and believe everything they read.

6)How do you use the internet and communicate through digital means?

-Obviously social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, all that. a lot of people are very into blogging like wordpress and tumblr. Emotions are very interconnected with the internet through digital means. A lot of people feel they can be raw with their emotions on the internet because they feel safe and guarded to some degree, like a fake sense of safety behind the screen when in fact that is not the case.

-internet archives everything. Any message or post or anything you decide to publish or share or whatever. So you cant really delete or erase anything. So if you are smart you will think carefully about what you say.

-if we do not know something, someone else does, and there are enough ways around the commons of the internet that enable us to get to sources of the known. The unknown is no longer that which is unavailable. Sometimes a surprise is only a click away.

-allows us to share collective memories. Like a hard drive. You can still have all your information.


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