Empire State of Mind

The Furman Men’s Lacrosse team took a trip up to New York City for a networking event. The future goal of this event will be that every Furman Lacrosse player will attend this event before they graduate. We will fundraise in the future to help cover some costs for this event, but for this first year, all expenses are on the players who wish to attend.

On the first day, the team took a trip to the 9/11 memorial, which recognizes and honors all of those who passed away on such a tragic day. The team was honored to have the opportunity to stand at ground 0 where many brave men and women once worked/stood.

The dark clouds behind the World Trade Center were not the ideal backdrop, but the sun was still shining on the building, making the atmosphere seem a little less gloomy. The team has many players on the roster from the New York area and many families were effected. This was a great opportunity for reflection on our lives, understanding how lucky we are to have such a strong country.


The team ended day #1 with a walk across the famous Brooklyn Bridge as the sun was setting. The Empire State of Mind was starting to set in, but this was not the reason we came to Manhattan, New York. This trip was strictly business, which we knew as we headed back to the hotel to get a good nights rest for the networking event we would have the next day.

Day #2, the 8-10 guys on the team stood at the steps of the New York City Stock Exchange on the every so famous Wall St. This was the real reason we came to NYC. The feelings of excitement and eagerness took over our bodies as we went through security and entered the digitized Stock Exchange.

Each member of the team had the opportunity to receive a tour of the floor, which used to be jam packed with traders, but is not much less crowded due to the fact that all business is computerized at this point in time.

Networking in New York has provided members of the Men’s Lacrosse Team at Furman a chance to work for some of the most important companies in the Business/ Financial sector across the U.S. This was a tremendous opportunity to network and get your foot in the door for a future internship or job. Working on resumes along the way was another positive outcome of the networking trip.

I had to take advantage of the characters walking around Time’s Square after our networking event. Although these two were only trying to pull a quick one on me and get some money out of me, I successfully took a selfie with the two without having to pay them.

There is so much going on in NYC. From the streets of Time’s Square, to the trading floor of the Stock Exchange, people are always moving. They are making the world go round. The Men’s Lacrosse team wants to be a part of it.




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