I am a student-athlete


I am a business man.

I am a flirt.

I am an adventurer.

In a past life I was a… pop star sensation because music is an escape of mine and I’d love the feeling of performing for large crowds.

If I were a mythological creature, I would be either a vampire or a griffin.

My spiritual animal is a monkey because I and like to mess with people and I am acrobatic.

If I were a natural object, I would be a wave because waves don’t die.

If I were a man made object, I would be a pair of sunglasses because I am a proud owner of many sunglasses and sunglasses can make or break an outfit.

If I were a shape, I would be a triangle because it has “3 points where two lines meet”

If I could be any pattern, I would be tropical because sometimes/ most of the time I wish I were stuck on a beautiful island.

If I were a color, I would be aquamarine.

If I were two other colors, I would be salmon and sky-blue

If I were a tattoo, I would be a glyph or an inspirational quote on my rib.

If I were an album cover, I would be the Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams album cover.

If I were to describe my style of dress, I would say I dress either trendy or athletic.

My decorating style is Nautical because I like my rooms to be warm, relaxing, positive. Urban modern is also a thought.


The 5 core beliefs that comprise my value system are: integrity, being personable, positivity, putting people first, and being futuristic.

My five main strengths are relator, futuristic, adaptability, analytical, and harmony.

My five most district features are that I am very quick, a good dancer, humorous, have a great smile, indecisive.

Thenounproject(graham cracker), (island), (Happiness), (Dab), (Lacrosse),



The three logos that I am most drawn to are the L.A. Dogers logo, the lulu lemon logo, and Patagonia logo.

Patagonia logo
Lululemon logo
LA Dodgers logo

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