Tips for Taking Pictures

The way in which one takes a picture could give off varying perspectives, depending on the way in which someone were to observe the photo. I have learned through social media posts and readings that “a picture says a thousand words”, which is so true. What do you want people to think when they see your work?

Perspective is essential to the way we take a photo. For example, taking a picture at a human’s eye level will give one perspective, but taking the picture level with the object in the photo will make the perspective on the object seem much more focused.

When taking a photo, use less space and more content! That means that rather than taking a photo of a shark jumping out of the water with a vast amount of water surrounding it, zoom in on the photo or crop out the unnecessary. Make the viewers understand the focus of the picture. What do you want the attraction to be to the photo. What do you want people to see?! You want people to see the characteristics of the object.

Taking too many pictures can be a good thing! There is bound to be at least one photo that you will like if you have the chance to go through a burst of photos. Who knows, you never know what the camera will catch in action. BE CREATIVE.

Create your own style when taking pictures. Do something that is going to set your photos aside from someone else. Are you photos going to be dark and gloomy, bright and vibrant, or maybe you want to use filters to make your photos look vintage. In order to do this, one has to understand why they are doing the work, the technical process, the subject matter, and post-processing. Most people have a look or a story that they want to get across. The content within the photo will give the story away. No caption should be needed, but captions do give helpful tips. Figure out how you are going to take the photo. From what angle will you take it? What time of day?

Capture the moment. I took a picture of a friend taking a picture of a sunset. It shows not only a beautiful sunset, but also people’s desire to watch the sunset and capture the moment.




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