Healthy Standards of Living at Furman and Travelers Rest-ing People Videos

Healthy Standards of Living at Furman

The video above is a reflection of Furman University and the healthy lifestyle that it provides it’s students on-campus, as well as community members off-campus. With Furman being one of the most beautiful campus’ in the world, the atmosphere it’s community members strive in is impeccable. The beautiful Swan Lake allows community members to exercise, walk their pets, socialize, and gaze at the Bell Tower. The Physical Activities Center (PAC) provides community members the opportunity to exercise with top of the line machines and weights. The dining hall and the Pala Den provide students the healthy food and drinks that they need in order to keep their bodies in great shape and their brain’s thinking.  From the Swan Lake, to the infamous Furman Mall, there really is no place like home for a Paladin to eat, sleep, and breathe, healthiness.

Everyone should take the time to watch a classmate of mine and project partner, Eliza Hopkins’ video Travelers Rest-ing People. This video focus’ on the town of Travelers Rest, which is located right behind the Furman University campus. Eliza did a great job of shooting her video because she made it a little more personable than just your average tour of the town. She interviewed two people in the small town. One who had lived in the town his whole life and the other who moved with her husband and soon to be newly born in June of 2015. The answers to Eliza’s questions said a lot about the town itself. The first person she interviewed elaborated on how he had attended school his entire life with the same people, which shows that as much of a cultured and unique town that TR is, there is a sense of community within, a strong community. The woman who moved with her husband had previously lived in TR and decided to move back in order to start a new business and raise her family…THE AMERICAN DREAM located right behind Furman. Travelers rest is a town full of opportunities and families are more than willing to help each other out. The town itself is very unique, along with the people. It has the best of all worlds as TR includes amazing restaurants to eat/drink that cannot be found anywhere else, trails for hiking and nature watching, and small boutiques with original products. The people interviewed in the video consider Travelers Rest to be a “small town with a big heart” and a “very small, big city”. Words like these are what keep people coming back to Travelers Rest and help keep TR alive and well.


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