User Experience and Site Design

The readings for the week of April 27th focused on the user experience and site design.


The user experience is defined as the experience the product creates for the people who use it in the real world. When creating a website, you want to make the user feel like they have some connection with your site. The user experience draws in a crowd, which is why including content like pictures and more visual objects makes this possible. Including links and buttons on the site also help to make the user experience possible.

Product Design

Product is very important when creating a site and including content. Not only does the site need to appeal to the user by looking good to the eye and feeling good to the touch, it also must do what it is promised to do. Development is HUGE in this step, as people need to understand the steps that you took in order to get the product you have, as well as an aesthetic appeal (pictures).


Your homepage should set the standards for your website. The homepage has to have a healthy balance of content, meaning pictures and text. With that being said, you must choose wisely as to what content is included on the homepage. The images must be very clear as well as placed methodically to appeal to the user. If you think about it this way, people do not spend much time on the homepage of websites because that is not where the content they are looking for is located. Therefore, you must make your homepage worth the time.

Understand the Audience

Understanding the audience is key in having a useful site, but how do we do this? Start off by gathering your audiences questions, tasks, and stories. This will help you to connect with the audience. List major characteristics for each audience. Use key phrases, quotes, experience, expertise, values, etc. Gather information about your audience by thinking about them. You have to know them and their realities. What is the mission? How are you going to market your product to them? Maybe you can interview some people who use your site.

Scanning Pages vs. Reading Pages

It must be understood that people who use the internet and roam websites do not read pages most of the time, rather they scan pages. People would rather look for words or phrases that catch the eye. Use bold lettering and titles! Create content that will catch the eye of the user. People are on a mission to find the content they want. Maybe include a search bar? People KNOW that they don’t have to read all of the content because a lot of it is irrelevant to their search.



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